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Why You Should Consider a Wedding First Look

Wedding Day First Look

As a full time wedding photographers we have photographed many first looks. First looks are some of the most emotional moments not only for the wedding day but probably for the rest of our lives. If you still haven’t decided whether you should have a wedding first look, bellow are a few reasons to consider it!

3 Reasons to Do a Wedding First Look

1. Real wedding emotions
Wedding Day First Look

The tears, the smiles, those are so beautiful!
Many people are shy and don’t show emotions in front of the others. This is the moment when just the two of you respond genuinely on the way you know each other! This is the moment that shows your true feelings for each other, your true love! So why not to capture it?

2. Offers location flexibility
Wedding Day First Look

Walk down the aisle first looks are just as beautiful as first looks before the ceremony and is totally up to you to make this decision. From photographer’s point a first look prior the ceremony opens the possibility for more diverse locations for photos and better lightning.

Possible locations for a wedding first looks:
– in front of the wedding venue;
– staircases;
– gardens and courtyards;
– golf courses;
– empty ceremony space (church, chapel, etc.)

3. Frees up more time for the wedding timeline

A first look allows you to get most of the bridal party photos and the couple’s photos before the ceremony. After the ceremony we photograph family formals and a few more photos of the bride and groom.

Instead of a full first look you can consider some of these alternatives:

  • First touch around the door
  • A no-peeking gift or letter exchange
  • First look with parents or bridal party
first look bride and groom
first look between bride and bridesmaids

Wedding first looks are one of our favorites to photograph and it is always an honor for us to share and capture these moments with our brides and grooms.

Are you getting married and looking for a wedding photographer to photograph your big day? Get in touch with us and we will be happy to talk to you about your wedding day.