Myrtle Beach Maternity Photographers

A baby fills a place in your heart you never knew was empty!

Motherhood is a beautiful thing and there is no better way to capture those first moments of it then going for a maternity portrait session! As Myrtle Beach maternity photographers we love capturing the beautiful glow of future moms to be! Vertu Studios creates timeless photos that you will enjoy for years! 

Maternity Photographers in Myrtle Beach

We will customize your maternity photo session to tell your beautiful story and to reflect your unique personality! We strive to create unique and beautiful maternity portraits that are timeless and classic so that you and your family can enjoy the pictures for decades! 

Schedule your maternity session

As the professional portrait photographers we are always happy to discuss your ideas and thoughts and help you select the best place and time for your maternity portrait session! We love meeting our clients to get to know them before the maternity photo shoot so that we can create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere when the time comes to the portrait session.

mom and dad to be photo session

The best time to have your maternity portraits done is anywhere between 30 and 38 weeks but of course can be done up to your due date. 

Feel free to contact us as soon as possible to book your maternity session and discuss all of your ideas and concerns you may have. 

On location

Amazing Myrtle Beach landmark gives us endless possibilities for stylish outdoor portrait photo sessions. Most of the maternity sessions we photograph take place at the beautiful Myrtle Beach State Parks or rustic venues and plantations.

Myrtle Beach Maternity Photographers

As Myrtle Beach maternity photographers we will take our time to style every single picture so please keep in mind that your maternity photo session may last up to 2 hours! Take plenty of water and even a snack with you. Do Not hesitate to ask for a break if you need some time to just sit down and relax! 

Take plenty of water and even a snack with you. Do Not hesitate to ask for a break if you need some time to just sit down and relax! 

beautiful mom to be posing during her maternity session

The main focus of your maternity session is your belly but that doesn’t mean that dads or older siblings can’t have their time in front of the camera. We would be more than happy to include them in your maternity session so you can cherish together those priceless moments of your life.

beautiful maternity pictures in Myrtle Beach

How to dress for a Maternity Session

Styling is the most important key for beautiful maternity photographs. For your maternity session we recommend a dress that will beautifully accentuate the shape of your belly as this is the most important part of your body at this point in your life! However, don’t go for an outfit that looks great but feels uncomfortable! The more comfortable you feel the easier it will be to create an emotional and intimate experience during your maternity photo shoot. 

Myrtle Beach Maternity Pictures

We recommend sticking to white or pastel colors as they look amazing on the pictures. For quality maternity photos wear a simple and classic dress.

maternity pictures in Myrtle Beach

Properly coordinated accessories such as hats, flower in the hair will make your maternity session pictures look complete and stylish.

For your maternity pictures you simply want to look like enhanced version of yourself, so we strongly recommend you to stay away from heavy makeup.  The same goes for nail polishes.

Best Pregnancy Photographers in Myrtle Beach

Displaying your maternity portraits

Being pregnant is the first moments of motherhood and this is priceless. In this digital world we live today we witness so many beautiful moments being lost and forgotten.

Maternity Story Box
Maternity Story Box

We offer high end fine art prints, custom made wall art and story boxes that with proper care will last forever. Will your digital files do?