Myrtle Beach Senior Photography

High School Seniors … what an amazing time in your life!

This is the time you will never forget and it is really important to photograph your emotions as they will be your last school memories captured in photos!

As Myrtle Beach photographers we love photographing beautiful glow of high school seniors. You have a whole future ahead of you and we will create beautiful and timeless portraits so you and your family will enjoy your senior photographs for decades.

Myrtle Beach High School senior photographers at Vertu Studios will customize your senior session to tell your unique story of this awesome chapter of your life.

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Senior Portrait Photographer

Your senior year will be full of momentous occasions, including your senior pictures. From touring university campuses to enjoying your final football games and dances with classmates, your schedule after school is sure to be busy.

It may seem too early but the best time to start looking for a senior photographer is the summer after your junior year. If you can, book your senior photo shoot a few months before the start of the fall semester or between the start of the fall semester and the holiday season. That way you will have enough time to get your graduation announcements cards ready and printed by spring. 

As professional portrait photographers we are always happy to discuss your ideas and visions and help you select the best place and time for your senior portrait session. We love getting in touch with our clients before the session so we can create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere when it comes to the senior photo shoot.

Feel free to contact Myrtle Beach High School Senior photographers at Vertu Studios as soon as possible to book your high school senior portraits and to discuss all of your ideas and concerns about the session.

On location

Senior Photographers in Myrtle Beach

Most of the senior sessions we photograph take place at the beautiful Myrtle Beach state parks or rustic venues and plantations.

High school seniors are excited to model and know what they want from their session which translates well in their photographs. We will pose you on the way that flatters you and emphasizes your personality.

The main focus of the senior session should be on you, your face, eyes and personality, but that does not mean that your family can’t have their time in front of the camera in some of the shots with you.

High School Senior Photographers at Vertu Studios welcome you to bring a parent or a friend at the day of the session if that person can help you relax and take great pictures. That person can also help with clothing changes and “double check” you while you are being photographed to make sure your clothing looks good or your hair hasn’t come all undone.

You even might want to bring in your favorite pet.  

Hair and makeup for your senior session

Myrtle Beach senior portrait photography

Myrtle Beach senior photographers at Vertu Studios suggest working with your desired hairstyle a few days before the photo shoot to master the look you want to achieve in advance.

Getting senior portraits done is not the time to leave your hair uncombed for that “natural” look. Also, avoid experimental hairstyles. 
In general, friends and family prefer to remember you the way you looked most of your senior year, not just during the period when you had your pictures taken.

Get a haircut at least a week in advance to give your hair a chance to adjust and look natural. Girls should practice with their hair stylist beforehand so there are no surprises on picture day.

It’s tempting to get all “glammed up” when having pictures taken, but this could very well make you look like a stranger in your senior portrait. Choose a natural make up look to enhance your natural beauty!

We recommend staying away from bold lipstick, false lashes and any type of heavy makeup! 

Apply your makeup as you normally look on a day-to-day basis, but bring your makeup with you and let us know you have it. Avoid glitter or anything sparkly (powder, eye shadow, and blush) – it tends to reflect the flash and leaves white spots. 
Also avoid too much lip gloss. It can also leave white spots from the flash!

Stay away from tans for one thing, it looks unnatural. For another, your pictures could reveal peeling skin or a cherry-red nose or cheeks.

How to dress for a senior session

Even though High School seniors have a great sense of style they often need help when it comes to deciding what to wear to their portrait session.

We suggest you to keep your clothing visually simple and pick outfits that accentuate your style and make you feel comfortable wearing them whether you are posing for a portrait standing, sitting or kneeling. You are welcome to have more than one outfit for your high school senior session. However, we strongly recommend bringing at least one set of clothes of monochromatic pastel colors as those always photograph well.

For any portrait sessions we strongly recommend staying away from graphic t-shirts. Don’t bring outfits with words or designs, stripes or pictures, except possibly your school logo. You want your face, eyes and expression to draw the attention, not the words on your shirt.

We all come from different cultures and have our own family traditions so don’t be shy to bring in an outfit that will show who you and your family are. Remember to bring accessories for all outfits, from footwear to jewelry and hair accents. However, we recommend avoiding any attention grabbing necklaces, big earrings and other similar accessories.

Again, the photograph should accentuate your face, eyes and personality, not draw unwanted attention to your jewelry.

Classic jewelry pieces are your best bet.

Myrtle Beach Senior photographers at Vertu Studios invite you to bring your favorite props to the shoot, such as sports equipment if you are a team player or fan, musical instruments, or hobby items. You can even bring a favorite portable piece of furniture, such as a lightweight chair or stool.

Since we will take several full-body shots, check shoes to be sure they are clean and that both socks match – that full-body shot could end up being your favorite one!

Often when photographing on location we have to deal with wind during the photo session. Most of the time we use the wind as an advantage by trying to get those hair-flying-in-the-wind types of dramatic looks, but bringing a hat or some other hair accessories will be really helpful and will give your session a different look.

Senior photos are the last school photos you’ll be getting and these pictures will be the one that hang on your parents’ wall so please keep that in mind while choosing your style and look.

Displaying your senior portraits

Do not settle for only a flash drive that sits in your drawer! It is a modern world and we live in a social media world and we understand that people want to share their moments on Facebook, Instagram and so on but your Senior Portraits deserve to be finished Artwork!

Myrtle Beach High School Senior photographers at Vertu Studios offer custom art for your walls!

Myrtle Beach High School Senior Photographers at Vertu Studios would be honored to capture those happy days of your life.

A Modern, Creative Senior Portrait Experience in Myrtle Beach

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