Tips For Beautiful Wedding Pictures

With this post based on our experience as professional photographers we will share with you a few tips for beautiful wedding pictures.

Planning a wedding is a long and stressful process but hopefully some of the following tips will help you make better decisions for your wedding day. 

Choose the perfect wedding venue

We would recommend you to talk to your wedding planner first before you decide to book a venue. In order for us to create beautiful pictures it is very important that the venue has a beautiful bridal suite, pretty natural backdrops and enough space to photograph group pictures. The reception room should also have pretty decor and enough space for all of your wedding guests to be able to dance and move without blocking the view of the dance floor.

Work with the best wedding vendors in your area

Starting with your planner, makeup artist, officiant, dj, cake vendor, and all other wedding vendors involved in your wedding day it is really important that we all work and collaborate together. A good example of a thing to avoid during your wedding day is a wedding planner holding the dress all the way down to the isle. Talk to your planner or venue if it is possible to provide you a sign for your ceremony that says ‘’unplugged’’ wedding or something similar so on those pretty moments of you saying “I DO” we don’t see hundreds of hands blocking the view by holding phones, tablets and other camera available devices.

Find the perfect wedding dress for you

We all know that most of you girls have been dreaming about your wedding dress since you have been kids. Picking the right wedding dress is one of the most important decisions you are going to make for your wedding day. Finding the right dress could be hard and stressful. Our biggest advice to you about the dress is to pick the one that makes you feel good. If it feels good on you it will look good on you. Think of the season of your wedding day. Compliment your wedding dress with the style of your wedding details and decoration of the venue. If it is a destination wedding keep travel arrangements in mind.

Figure training

If you are happy with the way you look that is great but for all those brides who have some concerns about the weight you have enough time to get in shape and look stunning on your special day. What a better motivation than your own wedding day. A good wedding photographer will pose you on the best possible way and pick the most flattering angles but don’t expect miracles from your wedding photographers.

Tanning and teeth whitening

If you are planning on wearing a shorter dress make sure your feet tan matches the rest of your body tan. You don’t want tanning lines on your open shoulders. Be very careful with your tanning. Avoid tanning booths because your skin will not look good on pictures.

Teeth whitening before your wedding day will make a huge difference on that how you look on the pictures. Yes, we can whiten and minimize those tanning lines but it is going to cost you a lot of money. It is not time and cost efficient for any wedding photographer out there to apply high end advanced retouch technology for hundreds of images. Maybe for one or two of them but not for all of them.

It is your wedding day … Be Happy

…wedding days are dynamic, stressful and it is really important for you to keep the positive side of your emotions, because every emotion is going to be shown on photos. Don’t let stress take over and simply be a happily married bride. Being happy is one of the most important tips for beautiful wedding pictures.

Don’t hire a photographer that promises you thousands of pictures

When hiring a wedding photographer it is very important to hire one that offers you quality over quantity. We know that you pay a lot of money for wedding decorations and details but you are not going to put all those details pictures on your wall. Ask yourself how many images will I print or how many images will I include in my wedding album. To be honest with you most of the images from the dance floor look the same. We are not saying that we will ignore those details and moments but this is just a tip for you when choosing your wedding photographers.

Have enough time for pictures

Your wedding planner should know photographers need enough time to create beautiful photos on your wedding day. So talk to them – schedule your day right by leaving enough time for getting ready pictures, group pictures, couple’s pictures etc.

Thank you for reading this post and we really hope that you enjoyed our tips for beautiful wedding pictures.

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